Mobile Phone Positioning - The Indoor Case. (Research & Modelling Seminar)

F. Cassini/F. Rubes

Date and time
Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Contact person
Giacomo Albi

Publication date
April 4, 2018

Computer Science  


Abstract: The aim is to introduce and summarize some notions about positioning, and to collect together some important algorithms and mathematical tools used in this field, including examples and basics cases.
In the first part some basic, but needed, results from Linear Algebra and Probability theory are recalled to ease the upcoming explanations.
Then we introduce the mathematical idea of ''positioning'' and we explain the Path loss model (which is the one we mainly performed in the numerical simulations).
Lastly, we pass from a static model to a dynamical one thanks to Filters and we present some possible further developments.

Speakers: Fabio Cassini and Francesco Rubes (M.Sc students in Mathematics)
AULA M, ore 11:30

This seminar is the conclusive project for the course: Research & Modelling Seminar


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