Process Choreographies: From Modelling to Implementation

Mathias Weske - Hasso Plattner Institute of IT Systems Engineering, University of Potsdam
Data e ora
giovedì 15 giugno 2017 alle ore 15.00 - Rinfresco 14.45, inizio seminario 15.00.
Ca' Vignal 2, Piano terra, Aula Gino Tessari
Referente esterno
Data pubblicazione
31 maggio 2017


While research in BPM mainly focuses on processes within organizations, there are challenging research questions related to interacting business processes and process choreographies. In the seminar, process choreographies are first investigated from a modelling perspective. Expressive means of BPMN choreography diagrams are highlighted. While these diagrams allow us to specify the behavioural aspects of process interactions, they do not cover implementation aspects. Recent research results to narrow the business – IT gap for process choreographies are discussed. These use REST-based expressions to annotate choreography diagrams. Several criteria are discussed that allow us to investigate the consistency of the resulting diagrams. The talk concludes with a set of challenges related to the implementation of process choreographies.

Contact person: Carlo Combi

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