Bachelor's degree in Viticultural and Oenological Science and Technology

Bachelor's degree in Viticultural and Oenological Science and Technology

Agricultural chemistry

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Aim of the course is to analyse with a chemical and biochemical approach the main phenomena and relationships taking place in the soil-plant system with particular emphasis on plant mineral nutrition.
We will give the students the bases necessary for the understanding of chemical transformations that matter undergo inside living organisms putting them in relation with qualitative and quantitative aspects of agricultural production with particular stress on viticulture and oenology. The goal will be pursued by describing: the structure and the functions of biomolecules and the properties of the enzymes; membranes transport phenomena and primary and secondary metabolic pathways; photosynthesis.
We intend also to introduce the students to the knowledge of soil constituents and to their chemical and physical properties. Particular accent will be given to the role of soil organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and to biogeochemical cycles of other macro- and micro-nutrient essential for plant nutrition with references to their biochemical role in plant and their influence in crop production with particular emphasis to grapevine.

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