A level set based method for fixing overhangs in 3D printing

Emiliano Cristiani - IAC-CNR di Roma
Date and time
Monday, December 17, 2018 at 3:30 PM - Sala Verde
Programme Director
External reference
Publication date
November 26, 2018
Computer Science  


Title: A level set based method for fixing overhangs in 3D printing

Speaker: Emiliano Cristiani - IAC-CNR di Roma (with Simone Cacace and Leonardo Rocchi)
3D printers based on the additive manufacturing technology create objects layer-by-layer dropping fused material. As a consequence, strong overhangs cannot be printed because the new-come material does not find a suitable support over the last deposed layer. In these cases, one can add support structures (scaffolds) which make the object printable, to be removed at the end. In this talk we show how the level set method can be used to create object-dependent support structures specifically conceived to reduce both the amount of additional material and the printing time. We also review some open problems about 3D printing which can be of interests for the mathematical community.

Contact Person: Giacomo Albi


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