Ecological Modelling (Research & Modelling Seminar)

M. Pra'/A. Pistillo

Date and time
Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 2:30 PM

Contact person
Giacomo Albi

Publication date
April 4, 2018

Computer Science  



The aim of this presentation is to give an introduction to elements of ecological modelling and to present some basic example.

We start defining simple models, as the individual-based models, analyzing their applications in forest modelling. Then we introduce stochastic discrete-event systems simulation in order to describe more complex situations. Finally, we present how ecological interactions can be included in the previous models, using limiting and inhibitory terms.

Speakers: Martina Prá and Andrea Pistillo (M.Sc students in Mathematics)
AULA M, ore 14:30-15:30

This seminar is the conclusive project for the course: Research & Modelling Seminar

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