Master's degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology

Course name
I semestre from 10/1/19 to 1/31/20
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Clinical molecular biology Martina Montagnana (Coordinator)
Functional proteomics Alessandra Maria Bossi (Coordinator)
Human genome sequencing and interpretation Massimo Delledonne (Coordinator)
Microbial biotechnology Maria Del Mar Lleo'Fernandez (Coordinator)
Molecular oncology Vincenzo Corbo (Coordinator)
Molecular Pharmacology Ilaria Decimo (Coordinator)
Programming for genomics Giovanni Malerba (Coordinator)
Supramolecular chemistry of biological systems Michael Assfalg (Coordinator)
Farming molecolare Linda Avesani (Coordinator)
Toxicology and applied pharmacology Anna Benini (Coordinator)
1° 2° Clinical proteomics Daniela Cecconi (Coordinator)

II semestre from 3/2/20 to 6/12/20
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Algorithms for computational biology Zsuzsanna Liptak
Computational Biology Alejandro Giorgetti (Coordinator)
Computational genomics Nicola Vitulo (Coordinator)
Emerging infective diseases Annarita Mazzariol (Coordinator)
Forensic Biotechnology Franco Tagliaro (Coordinator)
Medical genetics and pharmacogenomics Giovanni Malerba (Coordinator)
Patologia molecolare e cellulare Gabriela Constantin (Coordinator)
Protein misfolding and human diseases Paola Dominici (Coordinator)
Research inspired laboratory Alejandro Giorgetti (Coordinator)
Stem cells biology Mauro Krampera (Coordinator)
Radioactivity and radiation protection Francesca Monti (Coordinator)
Systems biology Carlo Laudanna (Coordinator)
1° 2° Biotechnology in Neuroscience Paolo Fabene (Coordinator)

List of teachings with the periods that have not been assigned
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Research inspired laboratory Alejandro Giorgetti (Coordinator)

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