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Giacomo Albi
The list is devoted to webinars or online conferences in Mathematics. Each event is tagged and shortly described in order to give some further details about the specific topic and the level. We invite interested students to follow such seminars, which may be the starting point of exam projects or thesis. If you are very interested on a specific topic, or you want to advertise seminar or an event in Mathematics we invite you to contact us.
Next Seminars
Date Time Title Supervisor
11/9/20 5:00 PM starting date Online Seminars on Numerical Approximation and Applications OSNA2 Relatori vari
11/4/20 9:00 PM Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine Valeria Caliaro and Giada Fiandaca - INRIA and Politecnico di Torino
10/19/20 6:30 PM Public Opening of the 2020 Fields Medal Symposium (online event) Alessio Figalli - ETH Zürich, CH
9/21/20 10:00 AM Introduzione all'Analisi non Standard: corso di formazione online per insegnanti e studenti dei CdL/CdLM in Matematica Sisto Baldo, Ruggero Ferro - Universita' di Verona
9/7/20 3:00 PM starting date Communications in Numerical Linear Algebra Stefano Massei (first speaker) - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
7/28/20 5:00 PM Zoom room open 15' before The Noether theorems a century later Yvette Kosman-Schwarzbach - Ecole Polytechnique - Paris
7/20/20 3:00 PM One World Numerical Analysis Series: The mathematical heart: a computational model for the simulation of the heart function A. Quarteroni - Politecnico di Milano/Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Seminars which have already taken place
Date Time Title Supervisor

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