Research Inspired Lab schedule

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Friday, February 26, 2021 - 9:43:41 AM
Research Inspired Lab schedule
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   Alejandro Giorgetti
   Research inspired laboratory (2020/2021)


The first lesson will be in Lab. Delta on Thursday 4th March. (upon reservation of the seat, as usual during this period)
The full schedule of the course is indicated below.
For the Genomics module (Rossato) the students will be split into two groups as indicated in the schedule.
The modules of Genetics and Protein Bioinformatics will include practical exercises of bioinformatics, that can be followed in presence or from remote connection w/o loss of experience. Since the access to Lab Delta is limited to only 59 people, we suggest that students that do not have their own laptops or do not have extensive bioinformatic skills should have priority to follow the lesson in presence. Both groups of students (in the lab or connected remotely) will receive assistance in the practice when necessary.
For the wet lab of Protein Engineering module (Astegno) the students will be split into 10 groups (see the attached file). People who are not on the list and who intend to attend the lab are kindly asked to join group 10.
Please note that groups 1 and 2 will start the Protein engineering module on 15th April (13:40- 18:40).
GROUP 1: Laboratory "Laboratorio Didattico di GENETICA e CHIMICA BIOLOGICA – room 1.70"
GROUP 2: Laboratory "Laboratorio Didattico di CHIMICA FISICA – room 2.19"
Remember to bring the lab coat for the wet lab module (and, of course, the face mask).
GENETICS (lab Delta)
4th March: theory
11th March: 1° group – lab: Students with the surname starting with A to K.
18th March: 2° group – lab: Students with the surname starting with L to Z.
25th March - theory
1st April - theory
8th April - theory (lab delta)
Laboratory - 10 groups
15th April: group 1 (lab biochimica), group 2 (lab chimica fisica)
22nd April: group 3 (lab biochimica), group 4 (lab chimica fisica)
29th April: group 5 (lab biochimica), group 6 (lab chimica fisica)
6th May: group 7 (lab biochimica)
13th May: group 8 (lab biochimica), group 9 lab (chimica fisica)
20th May: group 10 (lab biochimica)
27th May: SUMMARY LESSON (lab. Delta)

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