PhD course in Mathematical Programming starting last week of January

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Thursday, January 21, 2021 - 12:28:10 PM
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Thursday, January 21, 2021- 12:31:10 PM
PhD course in Mathematical Programming starting last week of January
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Romeo Rizzi


The PhD course in Mathematical Programming will start next week (the one beginning on the 25-th of Jan 2021).
But let's see the constraints from those students that might be interested in some linear programming, graph theory, combinatorial optimization, computational complexity, ... some games?
If that could be OK for all those of you that are interested, I am thinking to use either Zoom or Discord for our meetings.
Here is the link to the Telegram group for the course (phd-course-MathProg):
and this is the place where we can get a consensus on the best tools and time-schedule (and also actual program and targets) that could be convenient and interesting for each one of us to deal with.
The course is primarily meant for the students of the joint Trento-Verona PhD school in Maths, but it is also open to anybody that might be interested in the topics (we will not be too many anyhow, so I guess that the more will be the better. Of course, the preferences of the PhD students will have the most weight in any decision).

To the interested ones: please, subscribe asap to the Telegram group in order to facilitate any decision/communication. Meanwhile, if you need more information consider posing your questions there for the best. However, if you do not feel like a public group being a proper place, then my contacts are:  Telegram: @romeorizzi  Discord: RomeoRizzi#7769
  cel:+39.3518684000   (Telegram = cel) 

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