Numerical Modelling and Optimization a.a. 2020/21

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martedì 22 settembre 2020 - 9.39.30
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martedì 29 settembre 2020- 17.37.53
Numerical Modelling and Optimization a.a. 2020/21
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   Giacomo Albi
   Numerical modelling and optimization - NUMERICAL OPTIMIZATION (2020/2021)
   Laurea magistrale in Mathematics


Dear students,
  the  course Numerical Modelling and Optimization will start 2nd of October with an on-line introductory lecture.
We invite all interested students to register in:

- the E-learning (Moodle - GIA credential are necessary)
- the Telegram channel of the course:

Most of the informations will be available on these platforms (Zoom links, material ...)
Lectures will be live-streamed on Friday and live in Aula Alfa on Tuesday.  All lectures will be registered and uploaded.
We recall that the course is in accordance with the ECMI standard.
For any further question we invite you to contact me or prof. Sansonetto.

Best regards,

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