Master Thesis in Mathematics on COVID19-related topics

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Monday, May 25, 2020 - 10:31:33 AM
Master Thesis in Mathematics on COVID19-related topics
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   Giacomo Albi
   Master's degree in Mathematics


The research group area  Mathematics: applications and models proposes master thesis on mathematical modelling and computational aspects related to the actual sanitary emergency of COVID19. 
The topics of interests are:

1. Stochastic modelization of Covid19 and related problems.
2. Epidemiological model with social structure and in presence of uncertainties.
3. Control of epidemiological models with time delay/ spatial diffusion.

4. ML/NNs based approaches : from data anlytics to forecasting.

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Workshop 4 April:

IEEE-CSS chapter:

ECMI Webinar:

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Giacomo Albi,  Paolo Dai Pra, Luca Di Persio,  Antonio Marigonda, Giandomenico Orlandi  e Nicola Sansonetto



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