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5/28/18 Starting Date Numerical Methods for Energy Markets A. F. Ware - University of Calgary, Canada Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/21/18 Starting Date Numerical and Monte Carlo Methods for SDEs with Applications to Fianance Matthew Davison - University of Western Ontario, Canada Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/21/18 period 21/5-1/618 Digital Geometry Processing: Algorithms for Representing, Analyzing and Comparing 3D shapes Maks Ovsjanikov - Ecole Polytechnique, Paris Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/21/18 12:30 PM starting lesson Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications Alfred Inselberg - Tel Aviv University Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/8/18 to be fixed with the interested students An Introduction to Optimal Portfolio Models from Markowitz to Robust Estimation. Prof. Stefano Benati - Università di Trento Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
5/3/18 10:30 AM Using Multi-Class Classification Methods to Predict Baseball Pitch Types prof. Hien Tran - North Carolina State University, USA Mathematics mini courses 2017-18
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