Thesis and internship proposals

theses proposal

Multifunctional organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for biotechnology and nanomedicine

Guarantor Adolfo Speghini
Study courses Master's degree in Medical Bioinformatics, Master's degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology
The thesis or stage proposal concerns the development of multi-functional organic-inorganic hybrid nanostructured systems for diagnostics or teranostics in biotechnology or nanomedicine. They will be considered encapsulated containing nanoparticles of various nature, for example luminescent, active MRI, or others of an inorganic nature that can be activated from the outside with electromagnetic radiations. The encapsulated will be functionalized with binders or organic compounds to confer other properties, such as drug delivery or different therapeutic actions (photodynamic and photothermal therapy). The nanoparticles will be functionalized with molecules for targeted targeting in biological systems.

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