Luca Marchetti

Foto,  February 3, 2016
Temporary Professor
Department of
Computer Science
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Positions held at other faculties
  • Temporary Professor from 9/17/12 to 2/28/14 Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences [deactivated from 9/30/12. ]
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Teachings taken in the last two academic years at other faculties
Faculty of Name Total credits Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences Computer Architecture [Matricole dispari] (2019/2020)   12  Esercitazioni
Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences Computer Programming with Laboratory (2019/2020)   12  Laboratorio
Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences Computer Architecture [Matricole dispari] (2018/2019)   12  Laboratorio
Topic Description Research area
Bioinformatics and Natural Computing Our research is mainly focused on the following topics: 1) Discrete and algorithmic analyses of biological dynamics (metabolism and replication, and their interplay in cellular processes); 2) Informational and computational analysis of genomes (genomic dictionaries, genomic indexes, genomic distributions of specific parameters, genome representations, genome synthesis and reconstruction from dictionaries). In these research areas, theories and algorithms are investigated and software packages are developed for computational experiments and analyses. Applied computing - Life and medical sciences

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